Core Services

Desktop Support

To the average computer user a, desktop support specialist is the know-it-all, fix-it-all guru who wields the answer for every question. He has the ability to troubleshoot and repair problems via e-mail, phone, or in person. These individuals can solve both hardware and software problems, diagnose and resolve network connectivity problems, and help with product updates.


Server Support

The server support specialist (Also known as systems Administrator) focuses on your company servers. He ensures that the server is running optimally and pro-actively monitors the health of your servers.


Network Support

These specialists monitor and maintain your I.T. network infrastructure ensuring connectivity between all devices. Your network is tested for weaknesses such as bottlenecks or loss of transmission between devices. Customized network designs optimise profitability.


Backup & Security

Data stored on a hard drive or other media may last for a considerable time but regular backups of the data are as important. The question to answer is your data secure in the event of sudden load shedding, hacking, human error, viruses, Trojans or other malware?

I.T. security is a crucial and often ignored by companies. With I.T. crimes on the rise we provide end-to-end security by hardening your workstations and servers and securing your network from attackers both foreign and domestic.


Network design & Implementation

We offer best practice and cost effective network designs tailored to suit your company’s needs. We adopt the policy “If you don’t need it, why pay for it?” Our specialists in network architecture will strive to provide you with a flawless design with optional expansion capabilities that will limit your company down time.


Maintenance agreements

With the world advancing in I.T. and an increased dependence on technology, we assist in eliminating I.T. problems by implementing preventative maintenance monthly on your servers and network. We understand that as a SME you cannot afford down time especially when it comes to your month end run.


Training & Facilitation

Develop material and present on a variety of I.T. related products. Workshop style facilitation based on required competencies. If you attend our sessions you will leave with the practical knowledge you came for.


Additional Services

Internet Access

We are affiliated with 2 ISP's in order to provide you with fast and reliable internet access


Domain Hosting

Make use of our affiliations to have your domain hosted by service provider that is always ready to help you.


Web Design

Need a professional website but cant find a developer? We will do it all for you.